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48V Lithium ion Battery for Electric Bike

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    Note: The following parameters are for reference, and can be customized according to requirements

    Nominal voltage48v
    serial mode7S4P、10S4P、13S4P
    Cell typesumsung18650
    Applicable motors250-750W
    Product Size362*109.4*90.3( mm)
    product weight2.4kg、2.95kg、3.5kg
    recharging current2 to 5A
    charging temperature0-45℃
    Discharge temperature-20℃-45℃
    stored temperature-20℃-45℃
    cycle life≥70% capacity after 800 cycles
    warranty period24 Months

      48V 10AH,13AH Lithium ion Battery for Electric Bike Manufacturer

      These Li-ion batteries are our longest lasting E-Bike battery and have a longer lifespan than other types of Lithium batteries.

      Lithium Iron Phosphate 48V Electric Bike Battery

      • Extremely High Rate Capability

      • High safety performance(no flowing electrolyte)

      • Fast charging is available(can up to 3C, less than 20minutes)

      • Very good performance under high temperature

      • High energy density, 110~140wh/Kg

      • Light weight and small volume, about 1/3 weight and volume of lead-acid batteries

      Our Advantages

      • 30years experience in rechargeable batteries

      • 10 years experience in Lithium batteries

      • Aimeno battery can be above 2000 recharge Cycles

      • poor electrolyte, can be operated in any directions

      • can be discharged at high current(up to 5C), charge current(up to 3C)

      • Very Security: No fire,no explosion,no leakage

      • Portable handle and hidden charging port

      • Aluminium alloy Back rack(Silver and Black for option)

      • Well die-casting slide board and lock, for easy installation and theft-prevention

      Electric Bike batter types

      It is wrongly believed that e bike battery is universal or all e bike batteries are same or e bike battery is exchangeable.

      Depending on various features like capacity (amp-hours), voltage, weight and dimensions, there are numerous types of e bike battery.

      • Lead batteries

      • Nickel batteries

      • Lithium ion batteries

      Which battery is best for e bike?

      Along with the above features like voltage, capacity and dimensions another important feature of e bike battery is its performance and lifespan, which you need to care before choosing an e bike battery.

      Lithium ion batteries are lightweight and compact in size and durable as compared to lead acid and nickel batteries. So based on these facts we can say that Lithium ion batteries are suitable to be the primary power source to ebike.

      How long do batteries last in E bikes?

      Actually battery is the most expensive part of your electric bike. So it needs attention to find the high quality battery and then keep it in good and well maintained condition. Lithium ion e bike battery is significantly good for the electric bike. These batteries last longer if well maintained and usually last for almost five years life cycle.

      Here are the main factors that ensure the long usage of your e-bike battery.

      Temperature of the battery

      Hot weather significantly affects the life and performance of the electric bike a battery. So it is good to keep the ebike equipped with battery, in a cool place or at normal room temperature instead of in sunshine at high temperature.

      It was observed during an experiment that a 100% charged battery when stored at room temperature, it just discharge 20% and remained 80% charged over the time of 3months. But when the same battery at 100% charge was stored at higher temperature of 60°C for 3 month period, after self discharge it remained only 60%.This is evident that self discharge of the battery is less at room temperature and higher in hot sunny weather.

      Never let your battery discharge to completely Zero

      If you store your e bike battery in a condition, even it is fully charged, still there will impact on its capacity. Lithium ion battery usually self discharge over a period of time, even if not in use. So during this if the volt drops to Zero, then it may cause permanent damage to the cell. So it is highly recommended that whenever you need to store your ebike battery, make sure it is charge over 50%. And try best to not let it discharge to fully zero. And also don’t keep your battery on charger for longer time.

      It is also evident that letting your battery regularly discharge to 0% is dangerous. It is suggested that keep it partially discharge.

      Electric bike battery lifespan will be increased if good storage condition and well maintained. In this way your e bike lithium battery will last for approximately five years with extended life cycles.

      E bike battery pack

      Actually an e bike battery pack is made up of various smaller battery cells. All these cells are composed in a way that collectively they could deliver the required power to your ebike. Depending on cell compositions of a Lithium ion battery, size, weight and shape also vary.

      Here is a suggest for all ebike users, always prefer a battery which is light weight, small in size able to meet the required demand. Decision about which battery pack is suitable for your ebike is mainly dependent upon, how longer do you wish to travel without any stoppage in a single charge.

      If you hardly travel 50km at all, then why you want to have a battery capable of travelling 100km at once. It an electric bike with smaller battery pack will be rather cheap, light weight, quick to charge and make your ride more comfortable and pleasuring.

      Quality of battery pack

      Quality of a battery pack is highly dependent on individual battery cells. In the recent years cells of a battery pack have much improved.It also depend on the brand of the battery, usually all Lithium ion batteries are good and reliable but, the battery made by reputed company will also addition to its quality assurance.Other than lithium ion technology is Lead Acid battery which much heavier, larger in size totally not recommend for the ebike applications.

      Can I put a bigger battery on my eBike?

      It is not like that you wish to use large battery for your ebike and you can do it. It is purely technical and need based decision.This is a technical procedure to decide either what size battery is best for electric bike. It primarily depend on your usage of electric bike.

      If you need to cover a certain distance along with some extra load on your ebike except than your own weight. Then it means your electric bike motor will require more power for that, in terms of capacity (Ah amp hour)and energy(Wh) at a single charge. Then to meet your need the capacity will be rather higher and which will also increase the size of the battery of your electric bike.

      But if the conditions different like if you need to cover a shorter distance not even more than 10km, and your electric power bike only need to carry your weight then its capacity will be rather lesser and of course it will also smaller in size, lesser in weight and shape.So it is purely technical decision, which size, shape, weight and capacity of battery you need for your electric power bike.



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      About more qualifications:

    • What is the delivery time?

      2 containers are 1 month.If you order more than 2 containers,we need to confrim the raw material with supplier for you and confirm with you delivery time.(In stock is 7 days; out of stock is 25-35 days; newly developed products is 45-65 days.)

    • Do you have Certificate?

      ——We have Certifications,such as UL,CE, IEC, TLC and ROHS as well as ISO90001 quality and ISO14001 environmental protection.

    • Can my local representative visit your factory?

      Yes, welcome to visit our fully automatic production lines, our environment is very beautiful and workers are very hospitable.

    • Are you a factory?

      Yes, we are the largest factory in China to realize fully automated production and have our own industrial park. The factory was established in 2000 , over 20 years production experience.

    • How big is your factory?

      Our Shaoguan factory in China covers 150,000 square meters, and the Malaysia is 50,000 square meters.

    • How are batteries rated?

      Lead acid batteries are rated based on a capacity given in a defined time. There is not a set industry standard for how to rate a battery.

    • How long can a battery last?

      The service design life of a battery varies considerably with how it is used, how it is maintained and charged, temperature, among other factors.

    • Do I need to add water to my battery?

      No. Sealed lead acid batteries do not require the use of water.

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