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RV 200AH 400AH Lithium Battery

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    The following data is for reference, we customize according to the needs
    Nominal Voltage: 48V/51.2V
    Nominal Capacity: 100Ah 200AH 300AH 400AH
    Battery Type:30S1P Lifepo4 3.2v 100ah cell
    Weight: ≤95Kg
    Size: (LxWxHmm)420*360*180mm(can oem)
    End of charge Voltage:54.8V
    End of charge Current:100mA
    End of discharge Voltage:38V
    Charge Method: 0.2C(0.5A) CC/CV
    Max.Continuous charge current:50A
    Nominal Discharge Current:200A
    Max. Pluse Discharge Current:3000A/10S
    Operating Temp.: 0~45℃-10~55℃
    Storage Temp.(60-80% SOC Storage):-10~45℃
    Cycle Life: at least 3000 Times
    BMS protection:Over-charge,over-discharge,over-current,Short-circut

      RV 200AH 400AH Lithium Battery Manufacturers and Suppliers

      When your journey involves countless miles or remote campsites, you need a trustworthy battery that won’t hold you back. Lightweight Aimeno lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are maintenance-free, fast-charging and environmentally-friendly to provide reliable power and peace of mind while you enjoy some well-earned peace and quiet.

      More Usable Capacity

      Aimeno lithium batteries allow you to use 100% of their capacity, regardless of the rate of discharge. So, run all your electronics and know that you have ample reserves, even when you’re boon docking.

      Long Life

      Aimeno lithium batteries provide up to 10 times longer life than lead-acid batteries, and they still provide 80% of rated capacity after 2,000 cycles.

      Partial State of Charge Tolerant

      Partial charging does not affect performance quality or battery life. A low self-discharge rate means worry-free storage so even occasional users can be assured of reliable performance.

      Drop-in Replacement

      Aimeno lithium batteries are available in a variety of BCI standard sizes for easy drop-in replacement. Looking for a custom solution? No problem! Our Certified PowerPros will work to design the best system for your needs.

      Maintenance Free

      Plug, play, and charge. No watering.

      Constant Power

      Full power available throughout discharge. Voltage does not drop like lead-acid.


      When travelling with your RV to the most beautiful places and peaceful campsites on earth you will need a battery you can rely on. Aimeno lithium batteries are lightweight, maintenance-free, fast-charging and long-lasting. The lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) from Aimeno provide highly reliable power and peace of mind while you enjoy your journey.


      In pretty much all RV’s, everything from the fridge to the television and water heater relies on the battery. After all, it’s your machine’s life force. v lithium batteries will help you enjoy your RV experiences for a long period, with the comfort you are used from home. So you can relax and travel countless miles more.


      Aimeno lithium batteries deliver everything you need when travelling on- and off-the-grid. They are pretty much unbeatable. The lithium iron phosphate technology makes them extremely safe and lightweight. Your journey to the known and unknown places will not only be more efficient, but you will also do it with less of a footprint without sacrificing power, performance and reliability.

      Lithium-Ion RV Battery Packs

      Aimeno lithium-ion RV battery packs have a track record for being the most reliable while guaranteeing you a worry-free experience. Our advanced lithium RV trailer battery solutions cut down on generator time and minimize charge times. To maximize your charge efficiency and battery life, talk with a customer service representative to select the best battery to pair with your inverter/charger or solar charge controller equipment.

      Getting rid of your old gas generator is now an option thanks to our state-of-the-art RV trailer battery solutions designed around our lithium batteries. We carry everything from a large 48V battery to a smaller 12V lithium RV battery. All our batteries come equipped with a battery management system that can be used with any alternator, inverter, or solar charge controller! Aimeno system provides your vehicle with reduced weight for optimal fuel efficiency on long road trips & Zero maintenance over generators or common lead-acid battery alternatives.



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      About more qualifications:

    • What is the delivery time?

      2 containers are 1 month.If you order more than 2 containers,we need to confrim the raw material with supplier for you and confirm with you delivery time.(In stock is 7 days; out of stock is 25-35 days; newly developed products is 45-65 days.)

    • Do you have Certificate?

      ——We have Certifications,such as UL,CE, IEC, TLC and ROHS as well as ISO90001 quality and ISO14001 environmental protection.

    • Can my local representative visit your factory?

      Yes, welcome to visit our fully automatic production lines, our environment is very beautiful and workers are very hospitable.

    • Are you a factory?

      Yes, we are the largest factory in China to realize fully automated production and have our own industrial park. The factory was established in 2000 , over 20 years production experience.

    • How big is your factory?

      Our Shaoguan factory in China covers 150,000 square meters, and the Malaysia is 50,000 square meters.

    • How are batteries rated?

      Lead acid batteries are rated based on a capacity given in a defined time. There is not a set industry standard for how to rate a battery.

    • How long can a battery last?

      The service design life of a battery varies considerably with how it is used, how it is maintained and charged, temperature, among other factors.

    • Do I need to add water to my battery?

      No. Sealed lead acid batteries do not require the use of water.

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